happy woman after learning about lovett dental West U About Lovett Dental West U

Welcome to our new West U office! Lovett Dental West U offers the best dental care in Houston. Patient comfort, convenience, and longevity are our top priorities. We keep our dental insurance policy simple and straightforward. We have plenty of parking, and we are located on the first floor.

Lovett Dental West U is located in Houston, TX. We are committed to providing the best dental care for the whole family. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you; Lovett Dental West U can keep your smile bright and your confidence high. We hope you’ll take some time to learn more about Lovett Dental West U. Give us a call at 832.500.8119 so we can answer your questions and schedule your appointment right away.

Multiple Dental Specialists at One Location

Lovett Dental West U is committed to becoming your family’s dental practice. We offer general dentistry along with six types of dental specialties. There is no reason to drive all over town to keep your teeth healthy. These specialists meet all of your oral health and smile improvement needs. Learn more about these Lovett Dental West U services here and call us to schedule a consultation.

The Houston, TX dentistry specialists at Lovett Dental West U include:

Your specialists in Houston dental care at Lovett Dental West U provide a range of specialty dental services that use the latest technology and most advanced sedation dentistry available. You can trust our board-certified professionals for your teeth cleanings, dental exams, root canal therapy, oral surgery, gum disease treatment, veneers, and dental implants. All of these services take place in the practice where you can feel relaxed, comfortable, and secure. Your teeth are nothing to play around with, so trust the best Dentist in West U.

Relaxing Dental Care

Stress-free dental care is one of the things patients enjoy most about Lovett Dental West U. Here at our Houston new dental practice, we take pride in providing the most relaxed dental experience possible. We also ensure we communicate well with you and take time to understand your smile goals.

Knowing what to expect during your treatment can help you relax before and during dental appointments. We understand you need to know which treatments you need, what to expect, and how much they will cost.

Of course, one of the most stressful parts of visiting the dentist is paying for the visit. We believe family dentistry should be affordable and accept insurance. Visiting a West U/Rice Village dentist doesn’t need to break the bank. One of our patients’ favorite aspects of our practice is the affordability we provide through insurance acceptance, easy payment options, and finance options. Through flexible payment terms and other financial benefits, you can feel great about Lovett Dental West U.

Our convenient hours of operation for your dental care also enable you to feel more relaxed when arriving at the dentist’s office. Lovett Dental West U provides dental treatment services Monday through Saturday. You also can take advantage of early morning pre-work appointments and later appointments as you finish your daily responsibilities.

Keeping up with your 6-month cleanings has never been easier. We are happy to provide routine checkups, teeth cleanings, and other preventive care. Through your dentist’s help and early diagnosis of dental issues, you can avoid the inconvenience, pain, and stress of larger dental issues down the road.

Learn More About Lovett Dental West U Today

At Lovett Dental West U, we care about each of our patients. We want to help you love caring for your smile as much as we do. There is no need to dread going to the dentist when you have the best care.

Some of the services you receive at Lovett Dental West U include:

Become part of the Lovett Dental West U family today by contacting us at 832.500.8119. Lovett Dental West U dentists are the best in Houston. We see potential in every smile!